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Henny van den Berg

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Henny  has been devoted to dogs since as a very young girl roaming the streets to find a stray dog to play with. She was given a dog book for a 13th year birthday present and when she saw a photo of the Irish Wolfhound she fell in love with the breed.

At the age of 21 she moved away from Amsterdam and started breeding Irish Wolfhounds and some toy breeds. Her Irish Wolfhounds and other breeds she owned, bred or worked with have won many national and international titles.  

Henny is a FCI licensed to judge the Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Havanese, Bichon A Poil Frise, Bolognese, Little Lion Dog, Griffons and Coton de Tuléar. She has been secretary of several breed clubs.  Currently she is a board member of the Dutch Irish Wolfhound Club and breed coordinator regarding health issues.

She has bred BIS Winners and while she never bred many dogs some of them became the foundation stock of other well known kennels.
In the past she was an unpaid handler for many people and she has been a midwife for dog babies to be born in different kennels. She has taught handling classes and also “AKK”, which is the first course one needs to pass in case one wants to take the exam to become a judge. She also helped students who had to do their last course to become a judge (dog gait analysis etc.).

Griffons have been a part of her life for over 20 years but she has only bred on a small scale.  After becoming aware of some serious health problems and especially CM/SM she realized that it was even more important to try to breed a healthy, beautiful Griffon in the first place.
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For many years already she has devoted a lot of her time to educate people about health problems in dogs, the importance of health testing and developing suitable breeding programs that are focused on breeding as healthy dogs as possible.  Henny can proudly say that one of her biggest efforts resulted in the Dutch Griffons being the first breed world wide to have breed club regulations which include the mandatory CM/SM MRI scan (Pekingese- en Dwergspaniëlclub). Since she has devised and  managed health databases for other breeds including  Griffons that are tested for CM/SM and other diseases.  

Her other interests are Art, Painting, photographing, drawing, writing stories, web design, creating ads, in fact all kind of creating things.

Some of my prides I bred under my two Kennel names: Duke's Paradijs (past) & StripPoker (present)

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Dutch. Jun. Ch. StripPoker's Spookje

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Dutch Ch.+. Junior Ch. StripPoker's Kletskopje, J'W 2010, 'W 2011

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Griffons & Australian Terriers are the breeds I breed today.

Left Ch. StripPoker's Jacaranda and below StripPoker's Turbo Propje (BIS baby)
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Ch. StripPoker's Look Ma No Hands "Lacey"

Champion of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Montenegro, Balkan, Black Sea Winner 2011
Club Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Bulgaria.
Junior Champion of : Bulgaria , Georgia, Moldova,
Junior Balkan Winner 2011, Balkan Champion, Grand Bulgarian Champion.
Bulgarian Sighthound Club Junior Champion 2011.

Owner: Neli Chavorska & Adriana Chavorska

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Ch.Sunrise v.Duke's Paradijs

International Champion
Israeli,Greek,Cyprus,Russian, Finnish, Danish,Croatian & Bulgarian Champion
Bundessieger-2004 ,Mediteranean Winner-2005, Finnish Winner-2005

Owner: Yanina Vilenchik
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Dutch Fin. Int. Ch. Declaration of Love v. Duke's Paradijs BISS
(7 years on photo)
Producer of many Champions
Some other Irish Wolfhound Ch. from the past

Multi Ch. Janis Joplin v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch.BISS BIS Chuck Berry v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Ma Rainy v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Chaldean v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Endless Tyrone v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Thor's Daring Risk v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Cushlamochree v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Desk of Delight v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Ruby Wax v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Geoffrey v. Duke's Paradijs
Ch. Little Walter v. Duke’s Paradijs

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