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Lee Pieterse has bred and shown purebred dogs since her early teens, and fell in love with griffon bruxellois in 1986. That love affair has continued until the present time.
Since becoming aware of the debilitating condition of SM in griffons in 2005, when her own griffon "Yogi" was diagnosed with this disease.
Lee worked hard to raise awareness amongst griffon breeders worldwide and funds for research. The support and encouragement of Dr Clare Rusbridge and Penny Knowler has been invaluable.
Lee started collecting skull radiographs with a view to attempting to correlate these with MRI results, and noticed some differences between the very bad and the very good. In 2006 a Pilot study was initiated principally funded by Sandy Smith's For the Love of Ollie and SM DNA Research and Lee co-ordinated the SM inGriffons in Australia. The investigation was also seeking to identify a family of griffons suitable for the genome research but Dr Rusbridge and Penny Knowler turned this kernel of shape difference into a published paper in the UK JSAP, thus providing breeders with a cheaper tool to assist in theirbreeding selections, and adding a little further understanding into both CM& SM. The pilot study also provided the basis for achieving grant funding for further study towards the USA CHF Grant #1004,funding research into SM & CM in Griffons.
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Lee and her husband Frank have made available all their dogs, DNA and RNA from them for CM/SM research. They are both registered Accredited Breeders.

The show quality and health screening aspects of Lee and husband Frank's Statuesque Griffons is recognised worldwide. At the time of writing, and for several years now, they are the top winning Griffons in Australia, amongst them are 2 Grand Champions and several multiple Best Exhibit in Show winners at All breed and Specialty Show levels, plus the world record winner for Best Exhibit inShows for a rough coated griffon.

Lee is an international judge of all Terriers, all Toys, (includes Griffons) and Whippets. She has travelled overseas many times to either judge or simply learn and enjoy other countries dogs and people, including the Syringomyelia conference at Rugby in the UK.

Lee Pieterse

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Fundraising for research has been an ongoing activity, via donation of sculpted artworks to Griffon Clubs in several countries, which have then been auctioned and funds supplied to further research in Griffons. A further method of fundraising was to raffle an MRI and it's reading, amongst griffon and cavalier breeders in Australia - this raised $5,000 towards the USA CHF Grant #1004, funding research into SM & CM in Griffons.