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CI Study on Facebook!

The Conformational Indicators Study

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Thomas Mitchel

Thomas is a number of things: canine researcher at the University of Bristol, Vet Student, BSc in Animal Behaviour student, and lecturer in dog training as well. His research history has so far been in the field of canine behaviour and fears specifically but, being a vet student, he has a background in inherited disease so this project isn't anything strange to him.
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In his free time he trains his obedience dog, care for and rehabilitate a 17-year-old dog that is with him all the time, gives genetics and behaviour advice to breeders, writes on the subjects of canine health and welfare plus he runs the facebook.

Thomas had the idea of this study because he wanted to create an extra tool that breeders could use to reduce the prevalence of this debilitating disease and then communicate this to everyone.
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