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Nicki Hughes profile.

My first Cavalier, Rupert, came to live with us in 1996 and it is no exaggeration to say that he changed our lives!

Rupert was eventually diagnosed with Syringomyelia from his symptoms, at that time there was little information available. I joined the original Arnold Chiari Yahoo group, and became a moderator. I wanted to pass on the information I had gathered about learning to manage the condition, also to support others and am still motivated to help.

I started showing at local shows, subsequently some of my dogs have been shown at championship level, one gaining his stud book number. I also enjoyed obedience, competing locally, even after Rupert went deaf. Over the years I have done agility, and I still enjoy training.

I became very involved with the Cavalier Talk forum, and also became a trustee for a Spaniel rescue.
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We have had 17 Cavaliers over the years, including long term fosters. Many of our companions have been recycled dogs - retired from show/breeding, or unsuitable for showing. We also fostered rescue dogs and we have bred two litters.

Sadly we have had many health issues to deal with, and suffered the loss of some of our beloved companions at very young ages.

The Cavalier Talk forum was asked for help with fundraising, and we were honoured to be asked if the fund could be named after Rupert, who had been very well known on the forum. Rupert’s Fund started in February 2010.

Soon after I lost my beloved Teddy, who was severely affected with Syringomyelia, his loss led me to become very involved with raising money for Rupert’s Fund. I run auctions on the Cavalier Talk forum twice a year, organise a photo competition for a calendar – last year we had over 200 entries, and run other small events.

Unfortunately I have some health issues myself which limit my activity, my fundraising activities fit around these.

I have been involved with fund raising since I was 8 years old, for the local hospital. I organised my first event at the age of 10! Later I was District Chairman of Rotaract, the junior section of Rotary.

Nicki Hughes
Rupert's Fund