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Resources Sheet for Canine Chiari-Like Malformation and Syringomyelia
Information about Syringomyelia from around the world with different expertise and perspectives  Cavalier Matters is a beautifully illustrated website devoted to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It is committed to providing easy to read information, covering a wide range of topics particularily suited to pet owners. Sandy Smith, a cavalier pet owner and health campaigner and who has written a best selling book for fundraising. For the Love of Ollie; a story of compassion and courage and simple explanation of the disease and treatment. Karlin Lillington, Irish Times journalist who runs a cavalier rescue service. She has a fully comprehensive information and resources site specifically on Syringomyelia and hosts a discussion forum and support group.  Rod Russell cavalier owner in Florida, USA.  Excellent informative website on a huge range of diseases in cavaliers including a large section on Syringomyelia with pertinent references to the States. Laura Lang a dedicated cavalier breeder in the USA provides an information site with from the breeder’s perspective. Not a Breed Club but a group of 5 Dutch breeders who were among the first to screen their dogs for Syringomyelia using MRIs. Dana Schuller-kuyper was the first breeder to arrange ‘MRI screening days’ for cavaliers.  DogBreedHealth aims to help prospective dog owners make the best choice when choosing a pet dog or puppy. Covering around 140 dog breeds, it outlines the genetic diseases and conformational welfare problems for each breed. It also lists the genetic tests and health screening schemes which are relevant. Puppy buyers will then know what questions to ask the breeder and what health certificates need to be produced. They then have the option to walk away if a breeder is not doing absolutely everything possible to breed a healthy dog. Carol Fowler tells the story of her campaign to improve the health of pedigree dogs by raising awareness of Syringomyelia and other genetic diseases in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She hopes it will help to achieve fundamental change in dog breeding in which the health and welfare of dogs is paramount.