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DTI study
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Diffusion tensor imaging is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method that produces special microstructural images of brain and spinal cord which can provide information about connections among brain regions. This cutting edge technology provides 3 dimensional coloured images of the nerve tracts that carry sensations (eg pain) along the spinal cord and brain. A recent study found that human patients there were differences in these nerve fibres between patients with and without neuropathic pain.

Aim of study: To find out if there is any differences or structural damage in the brain and spinal cord between cavaliers with and without clinical signs of pain associated with syringomyelia.
Sincere thanks to all the breeder and pet owner participation in Ontario Canada who worked with the investigators as part of the team. Another example of breeder/research co-operation which helps understanding of CMSM and help dogs.

24 age- matched Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were recruited and performed MRI for diagnostic or screening prior to breeding purposes. Owners completed a lifestyle questionnaire DTI was included in the MRI protocol requiring a combination of dedicated and experienced radiographers (Jane Sykes and Karen Kennedy) and a suitably powerful 3 Tesla MRI unit located in London Ontario

The DTI was interpreted by Dr Federico DiGuglielmo of the Clinical Neurological Sciences Department University Hospital, London, Ontario
Investigators : Dr Federico DiGuglielmo ,K Kennedy, J Sykes, John Butler, Frank Bihari, Lela Deans and C Rusbridge,

MRI Funding : For the Love of Ollie, Rupert’s Fund and Lawson Imaging
This study is nearing completion but still requires additional funds to finalise the investigation.