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About fundraising


SM DNA Research is the beneficiary of several autonomous fundraising initiatives with common objectives.

For the Love of Ollie co-funded the Griffon MRIs for the genome research, radiograph (X-ray) research paper, Canadian ‘over 5year ’ cavalier project and currently the DTI research project in Canada (Sandy Smith)

Rupert’s Fund was set up to fund Cavalier MRIs for the over 5’s the results which underpin many areas of past and current research into CM and particularly SM. It is also currently funding the DTI and the genetic research (Karlin Lillington and Nicki Hughes)

Friends of Lola Fund has funded research into Griffons and other breeds especially the current genetic research into CM and Conformational Study (Rachel Harvey)

Cavalier Collection
Thanks to Margaret Carter this important project moves the CMSM genetic and other research to higher levels and also supports research in other cavalier diseases.

Cavalier Matters Thanks to energy and inspiration of Tania Ledger and her band of hard working supporters very large donations have been given to the Cavalier Collection and Rupert Fund

Can you help? Yes please!! All relevant Toy Breeds

* donations to SM DNA Research or any of the above
* provide important information, (eg MRI results, DNA or RNA)
* provide sponsorship
* help at fundraising events or initiate one yourself!
* raise awareness to CM SM – especially if you are in a group, club etc,
......... • write/send articles to this CMSM news
......... • distribute information/ leaflets at health stalls/event
......... • identify /suggestions for the CMSM website

Where does the money go? (+)
Research into the etiology of canine chairi and syringomyelia

Funding of minor issues will be made on the basis of location of services and proximity to client, their ability to do the job correctly and price they are tendering for services

Decision of major funding (over  £3000) would be done with assistance of peer and lay review.

The genome research is underway at the Université de Montréal, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre and supported internationally

Contact any of the people mentioned above, Dr Rusbridge, Penny Knowler or Henny vd Berg